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As well as donating money or responding to our action alerts to contact your Member of Congress, one of the easiest and quickest things you can do is tell your friends and family about WaterAid and what we do.

We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, so one quick and simple thing you can do is make sure you're our friend or fan.

From time to time we run campaigns which will need your help to 'take off'. It helps us so much to know that we have a small army of social media stars who will help make our messages really fly! So next time we post photos, videos and latest news updates, please do share them.

In the 'real world' too, why not ask your friends to get involved with a WaterAid fundraising event, like a sponsored walk or run? The more the merrier!

Each of us has the power to inspire change and improve the lives of others. Whether you have just a few hours or seek a long-term opportunity, every volunteer’s efforts truly enrich the lives of the individuals we serve.

Bring your desire to make the world a better place. Let us help you find the right volunteer opportunity.

You can give money in many ways to improve quality of life for people with disabilities. Your gift will fund research and free emotional and practical support to families in our community.

We couldn't do what we do without your support. The Swabalambi receives no ongoing government funding and relies on people like you to support our Vision to Cure and Mission to Care.  We thank you for your generosity.

Bank Details of Swabalambi

1 Project No.  Empowerment & Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in ChayaniBarduarBlock,Kamrup Dist. (Rural),Assam through CBR-April 1,2015 to March 31,2016
2 Assess No. 2015 -964 D
3. FCRA No. 0200780078 (Social)
4. Name of the Bank State Bank of India, ChenikuthiBranch,Guwahati
5. A/C No. 30013811659 for Foreign Contribution
6. Address of Bank Baruari Point, P.O. Uzanbazar, Guwahati 781003
7. Bank Code 7976
8. RTG Code/ IFSC Code SBIN0007976
9. General Account of Swabalambi 10029420281 for Local/National Contribution

Account Details:-

Swabalambi, SBI, Chenikuthi Branch, Guwahati - 781001

Account Number = 30013811659, IFSC CODE = SBIN0007976

Swift Code, SBI, Panbazar, 781001, SBININBB159, PAN AABAS5574K,

SBI, Panbazar Branch, 03612544264.


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Staffing and management

Staffing and management

Outcome : Capable Human Resources and system in place for participatory Planning, Implementation,Monitoring and Evaluation (PIME) 1. Selection of Staff The staff selected are 50% from the new area and...



Outcome : Reduced incidence of Disability in the area. 100% PWDs have improved their functional abilities and experience qualitative change in their lives. 3.1 Meetings with the stake holders regarding...



1. Home Based education to Children with Disabilities for admission to Primary schools in the villages.2. Training of Primary, Middle and Higher School teachers on Disability and its issues for...



The most important area to be reinforced for emancipation of Rural Life is development of Livelihood skills of the Persons with Disabilities and the non disabled population in the villages....



Formation of Disabled Persons Organizations at Village, GP and Block level for influencing Government and Policy makers. Also for Sustainability of the CBR Rights based approach to rehabilitation of persons...

Financial Assistance Received

Year Source of Funds Amount of Fund (Rs) Name of the Project Objectives & Key Strategies Geographical Area & Beneficiary 2000-2001 MPLAD 2,00,000 Development of Govt. Alloted Land To Build...



The monitoring and evaluation process will be with involvement of the CBR team, DPO members, other stakeholders like parents, family members and interested community members .• Weekly meeting of CBR...



CBR team will work to develop the skills of parents and DPO members , involve the other community members during the project period to develop the sense of ownership of...

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The first step to joining our family of volunteers is to fill out the form below. Once this form is submitted we will contact you to complete the volunteer process.

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Swabalambi, Society for Rehabilitation & Training of Persons With Multiple Disabilities

Near Forest Range Office, Vill.Mohmara Road, Sonapur-780402, Dimoria Block, Kamrup (M) District, Assam

9864306192/94351 90397

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